Watford Local Plan

This is Government guidance for local authorities to manage the planning process and deliver future development for our area.

The Watford Local Plan can be found at www.watfordlocalplan.co.uk

It covers the period from 2020 to 2036. Housing requirements have increased from 260 extra dwellings in 2013 and LB 793 in 2019 and is the largest chapter in the Plan. The population is predicted to rise from the current figure of 96,700 (ONS 2019) to 110,295 by 2036.

The new Plan will cover
* planning policy/permissions
* sustainable development
* transport
* housing
* economy
* climate change
* conservation including historical sites
* vitality of town centres and local centres

Every council has to occasionally update its plan for future development in its area. Watford Council has just started work to update this plan which will have a big influence on us here in Oxhey.

The Council’s initial ideas are set out on the website in order that local people can give their feedback on the first draft and influence the final plan. Please see links below for access to the Watford Local Plan.


The local plan will be adopted in May 2021 and run through until 2036.

Responses from this draft will be used to inform the final draft. Please send your comments using the link below. You will need to register first.

Some areas of particular interest:

Chapter 2 – a spatial strategy for achieving sustainable development SD2.8 Bushey Station.

Chapter 4 Housing – H31 – 37 which covers from Wiggenhall Road, Aldenham Road, Chalk Hill, Kingsfield Court garages, Bushey Station and garages at Riverside Road.

The loss of Bushey Station car park and Bushey Arches car park will result in car parking space which could possibly increase on-street parking in Oxhey.

We could decide if we would want a policy to protect neighbourhood parades such as Villiers Road and public houses from conversion to higher-value uses.

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The local plan is at the consultation stage and everyone is entitled to participate.

Your opinion counts, have your say…